Increase net profit by 50% with a Business Optimization Plan

We analyze every part of your business to identify missed opportunities and then collaborate with your team to create a custom plan to maximize your EBITDA.

The Problem

As sales grow, profit margin shrinks

The more sales you have, the more people you hire, more overhead, more products & more complexity. As a result, your profit margin shrinks. You end up working harder without seeing the results on the bottom-line.

An image shows that as revenue grows, profit shrinks
The Better ROI

Strategically optimize your current business to be more profitable

Earn more and self-fund your future growth

Our goal is to boost your net profit. This means you'll earn more from your current business, allowing you to self-fund future projects--eliminating the need to raise capital or secure external financing

Spend time & resources on what actually moves the needle

We'll help you focus on the 20% of your business that produces 80% of the results thus creating a more efficient machine

Increase the valuation of the business when exiting

Efficient businesses are sold at a premium. Remember, the value of a business is based on its net profit, not the total revenue. Optimizing net profit is the fastest way to increase valuation.

The Optimization Plan

Your roadmap to an extremely profitable business

Created with your team and based on our strategic findings about your business, this customized optimization plan is your roadmap to industry-leading profitability. It's a simple, immediate, and actionable guide to transforming your business.

Clear, detailed and easy to understand & follow

This plan will include next steps, action items, Rocks, deadlines, metrics to follow, and who is in charge of each component. You can start implementing it immediately.

Optimizes your business model

We take a holistic view of the business model and its components. It's not just about optimizing individual functions like marketing, sales, or operations. Instead, it's about optimizing the entire business model, which is a strategic approach, not a tactical one.

Plugs into EOS, Scaling Up or your existing operating system

We format the plan to fit with whichever operating system the business is using. We'll provide you with new quarterly Rocks (goals), metrics to track in your scorecard, and an update to your V/TO or OPSP if relevant.

Meet & Greet
See if your business has room for optimization

We use this time to get to know one another to see if we can find areas of your business that can be optimized so we can create value together.

Identify where you're leaving money on the table

We dig for gold by running our due diligence process that analyzes your financials and business model.

Develop a private equity strategic optimization plan

We present our findings and together with your leadership team, come up with a strategic plan with your team's specific skillsets in mind

Ensuring our plan's long-term impact

We offer ongoing support during your implementation phase to ensure everybody is rowing in the right direction that creates the desired results.

What makes our process different?

A funnel shows that we start at the end, not the top

Focused on generating net profit, not just more leads and revenue

We shift the focus from increasing leads and sales to extracting more from the clients and sales you already have. This is the path of least resistance to quickly impact your bottom line. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just need to grease the one you have.

The plan a PE firm would implement if they bought your business tomorrow

If a private equity firm were to buy your business, it would implement immediate changes to boost its profitability. However, as you would no longer be a stakeholder, you wouldn't benefit from the increased profits. This is your chance to acquire and execute a plan that generates higher profit without giving up any equity in your business.

A fun and collaborative process that ensures team buy-in

It’s your business - we are just here to help you maximize it. We know having the buy-in of your leadership team is essential for the creation and implementation of any new business model or plan. That is why we create our plan together as a team, so they are clued into next steps and know what needs to happen tomorrow.

Designed to make a serious impact

500% ROI - Guaranteed

We're so confident in our offer, that if you follow the plan and don't get at least a 500% return on its cost within 6 months, we will refund our fee entirely

Experts in building businesses

Everyone at FP is at the top of their field and are all entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses before. They’ve now joined FP to deploy their knowledge and resources for other business owners to learn from their mistakes.

You’re 100% in full control

We set the path, but you call the shots. We don’t have any ownership stake in your business. We make sure things get done by joining the leadership team and leading from within but in the end, it’s your business and you are the one running it.

Who is this process for?

Our process is a great fit for:

US-based businesses with $1-10m in yearly revenue
Industries: services, manufacturing, retail, CPG, e-commerce, hospitality and traditional trades
Owners who:
Are majority stakeholder in their company and can make decisions
Biased towards action, moving quickly, and getting things done
Are open to testing and trying new ways of doing things
Run their business on a day-to-day basis and are intimately familiar with the ins-and-outs of their business

Who’s not a fit?

Businesses with less than $1 million in yearly revenue
Industries: SaaS, food & beverage or highly regulated sectors (finance, insurance, law, etc)
If you have multiple partners or have raised VC funding
You like to move slowly and make every single decision
You’re not involved with the day-to-day operation of the business
Your business is losing money or you have a negative net margin

Meet our Operating Partner, Yarin Gaon

Yarin is an Israeli ex-pat investor and serial entrepreneur.

He started four companies, including Israel's largest e-commerce platform for military goods. He sold it right before moving to the US and finishing his MBA joining a venture capital firm as an (EIR) entrepreneur in residence. During the day, Yarin was in charge helping distressed startups grow. During the night, he mentored hundreds of founders at U-Chicago.

That mixture pushed him to found "Fractional Partners" and become the strategic partner he didn't have when he ran his businesses.

We’ve helped over 397 businesses

Yarin helped me narrow my focus and me find the most profitable parts of my business. He encouraged me to focus more on the online portion of my business which ended up saving me in the long run (pandemic hit shortly after!) my business is still thriving today because of this advice.

Nathan Ohler


Yarin helped me push away all the noise that can surround a business and focus on the areas that matter the most. Then, he assists in creating simple yet powerful plans to tackle those areas. He is a strong partner for our business

Brittany Almeroth

Aesthetics LLC

Yarin helped me look at my business from a different perspective. His expertise in understanding the financials behind a business was extremely helpful for me. Yarin is extremely knowledgeable and we always leave with clear action steps.

Mary Liu



Great questions, important answers

How much does the process cost?

Typically, it's based on the size of the company and the complexity of the operation. You can expect to spend anywhere between $15-25k for the entire process, including our light implementation support.

What areas of the business will be optimized?

Your business is one big machine/process. It starts with leads (marketing), converting them into customers (sales), delivering the product or service (operations), and the infrastructure that supports the entire enterprise (finance, HR, etc). Because every step affects your net profit, we look at and optimize each stage, so nothing gets missed and no opportunities are lost. We will primarily focus on the areas that fixing would lead to the most impact on your bottom line.

How do you help with implementation of the plan?

Absolutely. This engagement includes light implementation support and is based on the assumption that your existing leadership team can successfully execute a plan. That being said, Fractional Partners occasionally offers a profit-share model where we become part of your leadership team and help execute the plan on a weekly, higher-touch basis using all of our private equity resources: it's the full benefit of PE without having to give up equity.

How many hours per week will we need to dedicate to the optimization process?

Every business has unique needs; some businesses are easier to navigate than others when it comes to optimizing their business. This process has three stages. In the analysis phase the heavy lifting is on us and we need 5-10 hours with your team. The creation of the plan will then take another 5-10 team hours. The implementation part is really up to your team's ability to execute.

Do I need to invest/allocate resources to any new changes we implement to the business?

The first stage of our optimization process is all about seeking immediate opportunities to find cash within the business. We can then decide if we want to use that cash to pursue more complex or bigger optimization opportunities.

How involved will the business’ existing leadership team be?

VERY. Your team will be a huge part of creating and implementing the plan. Your dedicated fractional partner will meet with you (the owner) individually to discuss more intimate components of your business like the financials and other areas. But the majority of the work we will do together will include your leadership team. It’s very important we have their buy-in and support to successfully implement our plan.

What if my business is already working with an EOS implementor? Can we work together?

We are not here to replace EOS or implement EOS in your business. We work with your existing implementor to help integrate the optimization plan into your Quarterly Rocks and to update your Vision/Traction organizer

Can you get my business ready to be acquired?

While we will be focusing on increasing your profit, our primary goal is not to get your business ready for an exit. The added profit will ultimately increase your valuation, but that’s a happy side-effect. Getting ready for an exit is typically an 18-24 month process which cannot be achieved in our short time together. This transition can be discussed after our initial engagement.

What is the difference between working with Fractional Partners and other “cost savers”?

Unlike cost-saver firms that are focused on re-negotiating terms with your existing suppliers, which is purely tactical, we take a private equity strategic approach to increase your overall net margin. While some of it may focus on reducing costs, much of it is focused on generating better types/higher margin revenue within the business. We’re not here to save you five extra bucks on your printing supplies.

What is the process of beginning to work together? What is our timeline?

Because this is a very high-touch engagement, we only work with businesses in which we can bring a tremendous amount of value. That’s why every engagement begins with an introductory call to see if we are a good fit. Once we’ve established that we would love to begin our optimization process, your Fractional Partner will meet with your leadership team to begin the process of digging for gold in your business. Usually, from the first 30-minute into call to the first team meeting, it’s about 1-2 weeks.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit

We want to ensure that we are the right resource for you. That's why we begin every engagement with a brief 30-minute complimentary virtual meeting to get to know each other.

If we aren’t the right resource, we are happy to connect you to the right one who is--we want to bring you as much value as we can.