Our Mission

Support the overall growth of unique founders & companies and help them reach their vision

Meet the CEO, Yarin Gaon

Yarin is an Israeli ex-pat investor and serial entrepreneur.

He started four companies, including Israel's largest e-commerce platform for military goods. He sold it right before moving to the US and finishing his MBA joining a venture capital firm as an (EIR) entrepreneur in residence. During the day, Yarin was in charge helping distressed startups grow. During the night, he mentored hundreds of founders at U-Chicago.

That mixture pushed him to found "Fractional Partners" and become the strategic partner he didn't have when he ran his businesses.

The rules we play by

Founder Mindset

Take responsibility, adapt to change, focus on success.

Unique approach

Identify problems, create unique plans, challenge norms.

Bias towards action

Plan, do, learn, prioritize actions.

Partnership mindset

Act as an equity partner, build trust, prioritize relationships.

Intentionality & methodical

Strategize, ask right questions, optimize.

Continuously optimizing

Improve, automate, enhance, develop.

Case Study

One Solution Global

In just six months, we built the One Solution leadership team, focused on the vision, developed the strategy, and implemented core systems. This led to their strongest quarter in 8 years.

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Position, Company name

Yarin helped me narrow my focus to problem-solving and helped me find the most profitable parts of my business so I could cultivate them first. He encouraged me to focus more on the online portion of my business which ended up saving me in the long run (pandemic hit shortly after!) my business is still thriving today because of this advice.

Brittany Almeroth

Aesthetics LLC

Working with Yarin has been nothing short of transformational. I can't even begin to list the number of things we have stopped doing after this process and how it has revolutionized our processes, strategy, and operations. Yarin went above and beyond for us, over-delivered, and gave extra time, energy, and space to ensure we reached our goals. He possesses a unique combination of holding nothing back, saying what needs to be said, and backing it up with solutions and processes that effectively address what doesn't work. Thanks to his guidance, we have significantly improved our productivity, communication, and focus. Remarkably, during what is usually the slowest quarter of the year for us, we doubled our revenue and secured donations to further our mission. We now have a well-defined strategy and process to continue thriving long after our work with him. I look forward to watching our progress as we grow. Yarin truly feels like a fractional partner, seamlessly integrated into our team and working with us to ensure we reach our desired destination. If you seek a no-nonsense, get-it-done partner who delivers results and provides a replicable process, look no further—Yarin is your man.

Eirik Grunde Olsen

One Solution Foundation

You made me think about and consider things that would never come to mind on my own. I was able to clear my head and narrow my focus down to specific things that we further my business instead of having my mind all over the place.

Victoria Sledge

Faux Boujie

Yarin provided immensely helpful mentoring to help my startup, allowing us to pivot in our early stage and structure amazing channel partnerships!

Vrishank Saini


He's young - possibly younger than me - which was briefly questionable. But he knows his stuff, he asks good questions, and he is approachable with my own questions.

Cass Westover

Homegrown Wrappings

Having Yarin as a mentor helped me look at my business from a different perspective. He listened to my questions, and posed new questions that helped me think in a different way to overcome the challenges I was facing in my business. Additionally, his expertise in understanding the financials behind a business was extremely helpful for me in learning about the viability of my business and what areas I needed to focus on in order to ensure the business made sense financially. Yarin is extremely knowledgeable and we always leave with clear action steps.

Mary Liu


Our session was extremely helpful in helping refine our pitch and strategy for partnerships. Yarin is a master business strategy mind who has advice for any venture or industry.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia

Joint Preservation Innovations, LLC

Yarin comes with a ton of entrepreneur experience and deep understanding of the ecosystem and value proposition. It was a pleasure to work with him. He is very knowledgeable and a great communicator.

Malvina De Salvo


As a founder Yarin is the person you want to talk.His unique experience and direct approach will help you simplify your pitch until it becomes crystal clear and gleam insights you may not think through. When Suneel Gupta talks about the importance of "exhibition matches"..practicing in a low stakes environment to help you prepare for high stakes moments, Yarin gives you those matches.

Leslie Amonoo, MD

Resident Physician

Yarin offered me great insight into key areas of my business that I was overlooking. No matter how prepared you think you are, I would recommend getting his perspective.

Matt Kotin


Great conversation! Helped me put all my thoughts into a concise to-do list in order of importance which was super helpful because I couldn’t do that myself previously and was struggling to see things big picture altogether.

Amanda Finck

Little luxuries

Sometimes we just need someone to kick us in the butt. That was the energy I felt. It's nice when someone can guide you and they feel so clear like they know what they're doing. That could be really nice especially on days where I'm not as confident. I really appreciate the no-bullshit approach.

Shaily Hakimian

Social Media Sherpa

Yarin is an entrepreneur through and through and he's laser focused on helping other founders grow their business. He is a tremendous resource for people who want to get to that next-level of business growth, and personally, I've loved getting to know him over the last year. He's also a connector of high-caliber individuals and puts together excellent events for entrepreneurs in the Austin area who aren't in the tech sector. He's serving a segment of the market that is often ignored, and he does it with excellence.

Tim Vorhoff


Yarin is a strong thought partner! I have gotten to know Yarin through a UChicago mentoring program for startup founders. He has given me some important advice/coaching based on the unique way he thinks and his impressive background. Specifically, he helps me push away all the noise that can surround a business and focus on the areas that matter the most. Then, he assists in creating simple yet powerful plans to tackle those areas. He is a strong partner for our business!

Nathan Ohler