The benefits of partnering with private equity, without giving up equity

Access our experts, PE playbook, tools, and best practices to streamline operations and boost profits - all without selling any part of your business.

A better way for businesses with sales of $2-20m to partner with PE

Keep your equity & control -we only share new profits

Unlike traditional PEs, we don’t invest cash and buy your equity. Instead, we partner together and only get paid a percentage of the new profit we help generate.

You keep 100% of your equity & ownership
No long-term commitment
We can start working immediately - no M&A lawyers are needed
We only get paid for the value we provide

Let's unlock your business' potential

Together, we'll transform your small company into a highly efficient machine.

Increase your margins, revenue and net profit (EBITDA)
Make your business smoother to operate so you work smarter, not harder
Increase the valuation and exit multiple if you decide you want to sell in the future

Access all our PE resources to accelerate your growth

We will use all the resources of our firm to tap the potential of your business. We’ll share:

Our PE Value Acceleration playbook - to identify untapped opportunities
Our team & highly sophisticated talent - to execute the plan
Our vast network - to accelerate the process and open doors
Our tools, best practices, and shared experience - to reduce risk & save time

Areas of focus

We look under the hood in every area. From your marketing strategy, sales process, operations and finance we will be using a fine-tooth comb to uncover any and all areas of improvement.

Increasing conversion rate
Lowering cost of acquisition
Increasing retention rate
Reducing overhead

Entrepreneurs love us

Yarin helped me narrow my focus to problem-solving and helped me find the most profitable parts of my business so I could cultivate them first. He encouraged me to focus more on the online portion of my business which ended up saving me in the long run (pandemic hit shortly after!) my business is still thriving today because of this advice.
Brittany Almeroth

Brittany Almeroth

Aesthetics LLC

Sometimes we just need someone to kick us in the butt. That was the energy I felt. It's nice when someone can guide you and they feel so clear like they know what they're doing. That could be really nice especially on days where I'm not as confident. I really appreciate the no-bullshit approach.

Sometimes we just need someone to kick us in the butt. That was the energy I felt. It's nice when someone can guide you and they feel so clear like they know what they're doing. That could be really nice especially on days where I'm not as confident. I really appreciate the no-bullshit approach.

Shaily Hakimian

Shaily Hakimian

Social Media Sherpa

Our session was extremely helpful in helping refine our pitch and strategy for partnerships. Yarin is a master business strategy mind who has advice for any venture or industry.
Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia

Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia

Joint Preservation Innovations, LLC

Having Yarin as a mentor helped me look at my business from a different perspective. He listened to my questions, and posed new questions that helped me think in a different way to overcome the challenges I was facing in my business. Additionally, his expertise in understanding the financials behind a business was extremely helpful for me in learning about the viability of my business and what areas I needed to focus on in order to ensure the business made sense financially. Yarin is extremely knowledgeable and we always leave with clear action steps.
Mary Liu

Mary Liu


Yarin is an entrepreneur through and through and he's laser focused on helping other founders grow their business. He is a tremendous resource for people who want to get to that next-level of business growth, and personally, I've loved getting to know him over the last year. He's also a connector of high-caliber individuals and puts together excellent events for entrepreneurs in the Austin area who aren't in the tech sector. He's serving a segment of the market that is often ignored, and he does it with excellence.
Tim Vorhoff

Tim Vorhoff


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Getting Started

Optimization Plan

We analyze every part of your business to identify missed opportunities and then collaborate to create a custom plan to maximize your net profit.


How is Fractional Partners different than a consulting firm?

Unlike consulting firms that profit from prolonged advice, we join your team, quickly execute strategies, and focus on delivering impactful results. Our vested interest lies in your success as our payment comes solely from the future profits we help generate.

What types of businesses do you work with?

We partner with US-based businesses earning $1-10m in annual revenue, primarily in the services, manufacturing, and retail sectors. We prefer working with business owners who are proactive, open to change, and can move quickly. However, we do not engage with companies that have raised venture capital funding or are financially distressed.

Do you invest money into the businesses you partner with?

Unlike traditional private equity (PE) firms, we don't invest capital. Instead, we offer resources like our expert team, PE playbook, and years of experience. These resources are designed to enhance your business and generate profits. As a result, you can self-fund future growth activities without incurring debt or selling equity.

How do we start working together?

Every partnership begins with running our Optimization Program. The goal is to find immediate opportunities to increase profit and to develop a relationship. After the program ends, we either continue working together in growing your business, or we part ways as friends. To start, let’s find time for a 30-minute phone call to see if we’d be a good fit.

How can Fractional Partners only get paid based on success?

The truth is that we are very good at what we do so we choose to only work with businesses we know we can make a huge impact on. Our team is made up of other entrepreneurs who are experts in their fields (marketing, finance, operations, strategists) with years of experience running businesses. Our founder and lead Fractional Partner, Yarin, has personally helped optimize hundreds of businesses and has a track record of success.

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