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What is a "Fractional Partner"?

A FP (Fractional Partner) is an experienced entrepreneur who joins the leadership team and helps owners grow their businesses from within

Working on the business itself

While many founders are busy "working in the business," the main focus of a FP is to work on the business itself. This includes developing the strategy, implementing systems, and growing the organization.

High touch: leads from within

A FP actively joins the leadership team multiple times a week. They don't just facilitate meetings and strategic sessions, but they also actively participate in making decisions and help steer the team in the right direction.

Helps from Within

Joins the org chart right next to the owner

A FP is not just another business function that takes direction from the founder and simply does the work. Instead, an FP works alongside the founder at the same level and helps lead the business.

Implement our private equity playbook & best-practices

Runs strategic workshops and sessions with the team

Coordinates external subject-matter-experts (SMEs)

Meets the owner one-on-one to help with strategic decisions

Most impactful support model

Many founders don't need help executing - they need someone with a unique skillset to can develop growth strategies but also build an organization that can successfully implement those strategies. A FP is the experienced entrepreneur that shows - not tell.

Fractional Partner
Professionalize the business
Focuses On the business
Helps with tactics
Plays the game by your side
Model not suited for everyone
Fractional CMO/CFO/CRO
Helps with specific functions
Works In the business
Helps with tactics
Solves a specific challenge
Only focuses on a narrow domain
EOS Integrator/COO
Manages the execution of the business & plan
Works In the business
Manages the tactics
The glue the holds the business together
Tactical, not strategic
Business Coach /Advisor / Consultant
Outside Guidance and Expertise
Focuses On the business
Helps with strategy & tactics
Outside advice
Explain, doesn't do
EOS Implementer®
Facilitates the implementation of EOS®
Focuses on managerial systems
Helps building structure
Installing systems
Facilitates, doesn't participates


Have additional questions?

Does a FP helps run the business?

Yes and no.
Yes, a FP joins the leadership team and partners meeting, actively steering the boat alongside the founder. However, they do not work in the business in the sense that they don't provide the main service or deal directly with customers.

Does a FP help with sales and marketing?

We believe that most of the challenges with marketing and sales are caused by a lack of strategy, including missing segmentation, weak value proposition, and lack of differentiation. That's why the main focus of FBP is to fix the strategy, enabling other experts to execute successfully.

Does a FP replaces the owner as the leader?

No, a FP isn't designed to replace the owner as the leader. Instead, it is designed to help the owner grow into the leader so they can successfully run and manage the organization on a day-to-day basis.

Who has the final decision authority?

Although most decisions are made collectively, the owner always has the final say, even if it is necessary to terminate the FP.

Who's going to be my FP?

Meet Yarin - our founder & operating partner who serves as the FP for our portfolio companies.

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